Basement Reinstatement.

In 2020 we were appointed to reinstate a basement, damaged by a failed and outdated drainage system.  We were initially appointed on a restoration basis by the insurance, to deal with the contents and the damaged materials in the area, which was flooded up to 150mm, and still had standing water of up to 20mm on our first visit. 

A few months after we completed our restoration works, the insured asked us if we could provide a counter quote for the reinstatement works.  As we matched the quote, our previous presence earned us the opportunity to proceed with a complicated yet interesting task of installing an automatic sump pump system, fully tanking the basement to protect from the perils of ingress of water, both from the walls and through the floor where the water table was high. 

he job wasn’t straight forward, there was an immediate issue with the existing concrete flooring, which we organised to be removed and replaced at the correct levels.  Before the pump was installed there was an ongoing issue with rising water making this process more difficult than your average.  A temporary pump was installed and monitored throughout this process, with our workers attending on intervals to make sure the pump was doing it’s job and no further loss was occurred. 

A new chamber was excavated for the installation of the sump pump, and the tanking system was subsequently set up, protecting all areas from any future ingress.  After the tanking was water tight and tested vigorously, we studded the walls, insulated, and plaster boarded.  New doors were fitted, and the electrics were fully rewired.  We installed floor boards with insulation below, and fitted a new WC and sink. 

During the works, a fire inspector had visited to assess for the insured as a sale on the property was imminent.  A number of issues were brought up, none due to our workmanship, but amendments that we were happy to assist with.  We ordered and fitted fire exit windows, adjusting the brickwork where necessary to fit, set up fire exit steps to the window exits, and a fire door and casing to the entry of the basement that was not on our initial spec. 

When it came for the time to install the radiators, our gas safe plumber noticed the boiler was not working, more than likely due to the original peril, however it was also dated, and we organised and replaced the boiler.  As with a few of the tasks on hand, this wasn’t easy, as with the spec chance to the window areas, the boiler needed to be relocated, meaning removal and refitting of some plaster board. 

As well as a full rewiring, our electricians installed a fully regulated fire and smoke alarm system, and an earth rod to the outside of the property. 


All in all this was a really good experience for our team.  There was a large element of satisfaction upon completion of the project, we had completed the work to spec, notified the insured of additional safety works required such as the earth rod outside, and assisted with the additional works required, such as the boiler replacement and fire safety amendments. 

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