Fire and Flood Restoration

During the floods in Sheffield and Hull in 2007, our director made his first venture into the insurance led fire and flood industry.  It was there we took our first team across assisting the affected with clearing their houses, pumping surplus water out, removing defecting materials, before sanitising and drying the properties. 

Escapes of water and flooding 

An escape of water from a leaking washing machine to a burst boiler, or an ingress of contaminated flood water from outside, can have a serious affect on your building or contents.  Our technicians are all trained to IICRC or BDMA level, and have a plethora of experience in the drying industry. 

Whether it is working for an insurance network, or on a private basis, we take care to assess the damage caused by the water and draw a detailed plan to get your property back to pre loss. 

An industry standard drying certificate can be provided by our technicians, once we are happy your property has been dried out after removing any barriers to evaporation.  It is worth noting a lot of contractors will not proceed with any repairs until they have received this.  Laying a floor down over a wet concrete base for example, will only results in the flooring uplifting or cracking in the near future.  Moisture not dealt with on walls can result in mould growth and damp patches resurfacing through your plaster or wallpaper. 

We specialise in Mould Remediation, the danger of mould spores is becoming increasingly more publicised and documented, we have fully trained technicians who will use correct protective procedures to remove mould contaminated materials and sanitise the surfaces and air using an Anti Microbial. 

As with all aspects of our work, an attentive, careful and informative approach is always taken, explaining the full process of the job in hand and taking particular care with your contents and sentimental wishes. 


Just as devasting as an escape of water, a fire can be traumatic at the best of times.  It could just be a small fire causing minimal smoke damage, or a large fire causing heavy smoke damage and charring to both your property and contents.  Both require dealing with, soot and smoke is toxic and should be removed completely from your property. 

As with water, we offer the same approach, offering advice and a structure of works to remove all damaged items, clean down surfaces, and purify and deodorise the air. 

If items require removing due to fire damage, we arrange safe removal and disposal, in preparation for cleaning.  Using specialist fire cleaning chemicals, soot sponges, and HEPA air scrubbers, we then proceed to clean the affected areas down until no residual soot is in place, with regular intervals of thermal fogging to trap loose soot particles and deodorise. 

Contents are always dealt with close care as consideration, we understand sentimental value and will always look to restore those items close to your heart. 

Once the property is cleared and cleaned to our satisfaction, the process of rebuilding your house back to home can begin. 

Please click on the links below to read some of the case studies of our past projects. 

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