Age of Property: Circa 1900s

Brief Description of Damage:
The policy holder reported water damage to the Dining Room
RD Wright were appointed by Davies Response to attend site and carry out leak detection in order to determine the cause of the water damage.
External Photograph

T&A Report V4-09/12
Rooms Surveyed:
Dining Room & Bathroom
Equipment Used:
Tracer Dye, Thermal Camera & Hand/Cordless Tools.
(1) Upon attending site and carrying out a visual inspection of the property we observed No Evidence of damage to the Dining Room ceiling as reported by the policy holder.
(2) We began by using our thermal camera which highlighted a damp patch to the dining room ceiling. Shower has not been used since water escaped into the dining room.
(3) Upon continuing the investigation in the Bathroom which is located directly above the affected area we carried out a visual inspection of all the visible above ground pipework. In doing so there was no sign of any leaks present.
(4) We then proceeded to flow/dye test the waste pipe(s) from the Shower and in doing so we observed water/dye Escaping into the dining room.
(5) We then checked the boiler and in doings so found that the pressure was stable at [1] bar (No faults have been reported by the policy holder).
(6) As a matter of course we carried out a thermal imaging camera inspection and upon tracing out the heating pipework which runs within the vicinity of the affected area there was no sign of any escape of water and no sign of any significant anomalies in the heat signatures of the pipework.
(7) Upon checking the exterior of the property there was no sign of any water meter that would allow us to check the water usage when all outlets are isolated.
(8) We were able to lift x2 floorboards in the landing area and could see that the waste pipe had come away from the trap. This also revealed that the waste trap was situated above a supporting wall and the only viable option was to go from above.
(9) We carefully removed the floor tiles and found that the shower tray is sitting on them so had to smash one tile to gain access to the void space.(10) Whilst on site we repaired/tightened the leaking section of waste pipework and upon testing the Shower there was no sign of any further escape of water within the vicinity.
(11) We found that the waste pipe is not clipped to the joists and is relying on cuts of wood for supports. We advise that clips are installed as possible movement on the floorboards could move the wooden support.

Thermal image of the dining room before our investigations

T&A Report V4-09/12 Bathroom overview

T&A Report V4-09/12 Tracer dye/flow test.

T&A Report V4-09/12 We removed x2 floorboards to inspect the void to decide the best viable option. The Red box highlights a supporting wall.

T&A Report V4-09/12 Floor tiles go under the shower tray.

T&A Report V4-09/12 Waste pipe has come out of the trap fitting.

We found that the waste fitting was missing the red washer, we have added this and tightened up the waste connection.

Waste pipe is not reconnected.

Flow test of the waste once reconnected confirmed no further leaks within the vicinity.

Cut offs of wood used as supports, clips should be used.

Finally! Bathroom left in full working order.

Recommendations/Repairs undertaken / Photos / Breakdown of costs/ Repairs required:
On the basis of the above findings, we are of the opinion that the water damage reported by the policy holder occurred due to an escape of water relating to a leak on the Shower waste trap/connection. We would recommend the following:
1. Whilst on site we repaired/tightened the leaking section of the waste pipework and upon testing the Shower there was no sign of any further escape of water.
2. An approved building contractor/roofing specialist should be appointed to inspect the Bathroom and carry out any necessary.
3. The PH does not want a drying program installed due the house already being sold, the heating pipes within the vicinity will help natural drying. We sprayed anti-microbial to kill any bacteria within the void.
4. On completion of all of the above the bathroom will need to be repaired/reinstated.
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